Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Taste of Faith

Approximately 75 members of the Atlanta InterFaith Leaders Fellowship gathered in Atlanta on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at the Petite Auberge Restaurant to celebrate A Taste of Faith.

Attendees Celebrated:

As Christians: Christmas Day – December 25 - honoring the birth of Jesus
As Hindus: The Holy Mother - Sri Sarada Devi – December 22 - honoring the December 22, 1853 birth of the wife of Ramakrishna
As Jews: Chanukah – December 11-19 – the Eight Day Festival of Lights
As Muslims: Eid al-Adha – November 27 – the Feast of Sacrifice marking the end of Hajj
As Brothers and Sisters – members of a shared humanity: Respect and love for those of all religious faiths and traditions.

Each of the faiths was represented by a table of foods and delicacies for sharing appropriate to the respective traditions. Each of the tables was staffed with persons of the corresponding faith to share in dialogue regarding the basis for their celebration. All in attendance experienced joy-filled dialogue with brothers and sisters of multiple faiths.

Ben Johnson together with Anchor Shepherd and numerous helpers were responsible for planning and implementing this celebratory event marking the first anniversary of the Fellowship’s formation. Ben’s inspirational message emphasizing the recently held Immersion Week interfaith dialogue program was a highlight of the day.

Bill Voss announced plans for Fellowship meetings in the year ahead.

Thanks go out to all who attended and all who participated in making this an immensely successful conclusion to our Fellowship programs for 2009!

Posted by: Bill Voss

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