Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Programs - Atlanta Interfaith Leaders Fellowship

The preliminary program schedule for Atlanta InterFaith Leaders Fellowship events is now complete. Four regular meetings of the Fellowship are planned throughout the year. One or more special events will likely be added as the year progresses.
The presently scheduled events will be on March 21, June 6, September 19 and December 5, 2009.
Two events are scheduled to help members share and understand better lifetime transition events which are common to all. The purpose is to help members become better equipped to relate to those of other faiths during these important life milestones.

On March 21 the Fellowship will meet at the Atlanta Hospice to address issues related to terminal health care and preparation for death as known in this world. Gillian Renault from the Hindu tradition is planning this event. The Hospice will be hosting this event as the Hospice represents one of the oldest institutions in Atlanta which has dealt with the fact that differences in faith traditions lead members to approach this life transition with different expectations and different traditional practices.

In September on the 19th the fellowship will meet to discuss the institution of marriage as it is experienced in differing traditions. The faiths have much in common but also some significant differences in practice. Saeed Raees from the Muslim tradition will be putting together a panel discussion on this topic.

The third event, actually second on the calendar as it is scheduled on the calendar for June 6, is being organized by Bassem Fakhoury. Many in attendance at prior meetings have asked for guidance in identifying opportunities to participate more fully in interfaith work. Bassem, one of the Fellowship’s Muslim members, will be selecting a number of ongoing interfaith efforts in the Atlanta community which need assistance and support. Representatives from these programs will tell their stories. Members with a program which they would like to have featured should contact Bassem, Ben Johnson, or Bill Voss at their convenience.

Bill Voss, a Christian member of the fellowship, will be organizing the fourth event which is planned for December 5. He is preparing for this event a workshop on how to conduct and lead interfaith dialogues. Attendees will focus by hearing and doing on how to better listen to others and talk with them in a non-judgmental fashion about their faiths and practices. All Fellowship members have significant skills in these areas. The Fellowship leadership believes that all can benefit from honing their skills.

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