Friday, December 11, 2009

A Taste of Faith - Comment

Greetings Ben and Bill--

Thank you so much for hosting the AILF "Taste of Faith " this past Sunday. I had a very enriching and positive experience, as I believe the others I encountered did.

The people who attended the event really had interest to grow the Atlanta interfaith community and to accomplish the AILF goal to have Atlanta become a model for an interfaith community. I have attended other events where each person/group had an individual agenda and where the intention of the person/group was not necessarily about cultivating interfaith relationships. It was so refreshing to meet others who really understand the interfaith concept, to have constructive and informative discussions (even with disagreements) and to find a base of people with which to build strong bridges.

I am very excited about the programs list you have created. AIF likes to not only host interfaith events, but also to promote interfaith events in the community. I know there are lots of events going on in the Atlanta area, but I believe it has been somewhat difficult for organizations to share such events with interested communities.

I look forward to future programs hosted by AILF and look forward to strengthening our interfaith community!

Much peace,

Kelly Wentworth
American Islamic Fellowship, Executive Director

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