Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guiding Principles

Principles of the Interfaith Leaders Fellowship
1. The sole purpose of the Fellowship is to provide a gathering place where persons engaged in interfaith work can share ideas and experiences for the purposes of support and inspiration.
2. Members will exchange their experiences of what has worked for them.
3. Members will listen respectfully to the experiences and beliefs of others. Members will refrain from efforts to persuade others to accept their religious beliefs.
4. Non-members will attend meetings by invitation for the purpose of advancing the purpose of the Fellowship. Guests will be expected to conform to our principles.
5. Membership will grow primarily by invitation as members share one-on-one or in small groups how the Fellowship helps them do their interfaith work.
6. Qualification for membership is simply the desire and intent to work at developing interfaith understanding in Atlanta.
7. Leaders in the fellowship lead but do not govern; leadership rotates; and those serving seek feed back from the group.
8. The Fellowship is self-supporting through voluntary contributions. However, some events may require sharing expenses.

(Developed after the meeting on December 7, 2008)

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